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Give your students a field trip without leaving the school. Curriculum content tailored to all grades K-12

Earn the Astronomy badge and prepare for a future camping trip.  The weather is always clear in the planetarium!

Give your child a birthday party they will never forget, while feeding their passion for space!

What does the dome look like?

Custom shows are available for fundraising, private functions, and for anytime you feel like relaxing under a sky full of stars.  Get in touch and let us know how we can bring the universe to you!


"Our visit from Astronomy in Action was a huge success with the Girl Guides.  The girls loved discovering more about the planets, and how humans are learning more about our universe through space exploration. Having the opportunity to see the stars inside the portable planetarium was exciting for the girls. Ryan was a pleasure and he did a great job answering the never-ending stream of questions.  I also loved how Ryan highlighted Canadian Astronauts and their adventures in space. We’ll be doing more star gazing in the great outdoors at camp this summer. Thank you Ryan for sharing your passion with us, and sparking the curiosity of future astronomy enthusiasts."

- Kimberley

Woodbridge Girl Guides

I just wanted to write to thank you for your help in assisting our Guides to earn their Astronomy badge last night. From our initial email booking, until the end of the evening, you were very organized, professional, accommodating, knowledgeable and most of all fun.  The girls were so engaged and excited throughout the entirety of the show and you skillfully answered all of their questions. We intend to highly recommend you to other Guiding groups in our area.



- Reagan

Mississauga Girl Guides

- Shelley

Private School Programs Coordinator

A BIG Thank you to you for the awesome planetarium experience.  The children thought it was great and we adults sure enjoyed ourselves, and learned a few things as well.

Astronomy in Action provided the Kortright Centre for Conservation with a dynamic public program, and a fool-proof way to offer an Astronomy Night rain or shine.  The inflatable portable planetarium is a marvelous device - an igloo full of stars, and provided a nice intimate teaching space for our attendees of all ages.  Ryan is a masterful presenter, and held the audience in thrall to the ancient stories of the sky.  Feedback for customer surveys was excellent, and we look forward to working with Astronomy in Action in the future.

- Aldo

Kortright Centre for Conservation

The Grade 9 HMST students started their Astronomy unit with a "bang" through the Astronomy in Action planetarium show in the comfort of our own school.  Presenter, Ryan Marciniak, owner of Astronomy in Action brought his portable planetarium technology to the school and took students on a journey through the stars. Students were taken light-years away through our solar system and billions of stars in the Milky way galaxy in a matter of only an hour.  Students had the opportunity to ask Ryan many engaging questions throughout the presentation and were left with many exciting facts and ideas.  The show was built around the Ontario Curriculum and helped whet the student's appetite for further Astronomy exploration throughout the unit.

- Nandita Bajaj

Physics and Mathematics Teacher

Northview Heights Secondary School

“Ryan's enthusiasm for astronomy and education shines through when he is interacting with the audience. He has a wonderful ability to be able to explain difficult concepts to people of all ages and backgrounds.”

- Alyssa Gilbert, Ph.D.

Outreach Coordinator

Center for Planetary Science and Exploration

The University of Western Ontario



Astronomy in Action brings the universe to everyone! Using a giant inflatable planetarium, incredible views of space can be seen anywhere, not just while camping far from the city.  Imagine a place far from city lights, with warm, comfortable air and quiet nature all around.  Stars fill the sky overhead as you look deep into the galaxy, wondering about what's out there.


This is the experience you have inside the dome, and once you see it, you'll never forget it.  Hear expert astronomer Ryan Marciniak give you a wonderful space experience, through stories of star myths, tales of space travellers, and the latest discoveries.


Founded in 2011 on a passion for astronomy and education, Ryan gave new life to an old planetarium and began performing shows all across Ontario, to many people who had never seen a true night sky.  It became immediately apparent how important the experiences were to both children and adults.


Sharing a passion for Astronomy has brought Ryan together with partners, parent organizations, schools, scouts and guides of Canada, businesses, conferences, and people of all ages.  Every year we grow, reach more people, and improve the show, bringing the universe to everyone!






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